Coolant Flush Machine by QwikDraw Large Diesel Fast

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10 Minute Coolant Flush and Exchange Machine - For Large Diesels

Lg Diesel Fast - QD54

Patented Wheeled Cart Coolant Flush Machine features 4 fiber glass tanks 40 gallons capacity maintenance free. Diesel Fast Model is the fastest coolant exchange flush operation machine in the world in its class. Qwik Draw can exchange the coolant and vacuum the air pockets from all standard sized cars & trucks radiator with out taking any hoses off or any spills all for under 5 minutes, Diesel fast machine engineered with special aluminum construction for heavy commercial industrial duty use and have been successfully approved in the USA and world wide for the last 10 years for it's durability and reliability, smart engineered colored control panel design for quick and easy use, with the smallest foot print in it's class to save space, it weights under 105 lbs with 5" foot lock brake, polyurethane casters for added safety and easy maneuvers, it's made in the USA. It save's you time, makes you money and build to last for the life of the shop and much more guaranteed. It comes with FREE 24/7 technical support, standard one year limited warranty and other special programs are also available.


  • Quick, compact, and efficient. Flushes and changes fluid in approximately 10 minutes!
  • The Easiest and Fastest Coolant System Flush to Operate
  • Change without Mixing New Multiple Coolants
  • No Drains to Open and No Spills on the Shop Floor
  • Four Tank Coolant Flush & Exchange
  • 40 gallon capacity special see through fiberglass tanks
  • Energy saving, no electricity or batteries required
  • Can operate without shop air!
  • Easy Access 2.5" Lid opening for quick refills
  • Color coded control valves for easy use.
  • Eliminates Air pockets!
  • Environmentally safe and no spills on the shop floor.
  • No hazardous chemicals for the technician to come in contact with
  • Heavy duty rugged design. Durable aluminum construction.
  • One step breaking system
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Coolant System Service


Flash Animation Interactive Training Demos

Coolant Flush Demo 2000-2004 : Demo

Coolant Flush Demo 2005-2011 : Demo


  • Weight : 105 Lbs (empty)
  • Height : 65"
  • Width : 19"
  • Depth : 19"

Why Change Your Coolant?

Antifreeze/Coolant experts have a warning for those neglecting their cooling systems. Most people have some idea that antifreeze/coolant helps prevent the radiator and cooling system from freezing up or boiling over. Few people understand that coolant also contains special chemical additives to prevent serious damage from rust and corrosion. However, over time, the additives wear out. This depleted coolant becomes acidic and can actually corrode the metals in the cooling system. There's where your trouble begins.

Overheating - Old, depleted coolant can't do it's job of helping your engine shed heat -- and heat is enemy #1. That's why you have a cooling system in the first place.

Corrosion - More cooling system parts are now made with aluminum. In fact, the tubes in your radiator are only the thickness of a soda can top. Since aluminum is very vulnerable to corrosion, old, depleted coolant can allow pin holes to form in the tubes and lead to leakage an overheating.

Clogging - When aluminum corrodes, the by-products of corrosion deposit in the radiator. The deposits clog the radiator and actually act like insulators so the system can't cool as well. As the cooling system gets hotter, even more deposits form. Finally, the whole engine overheats.

Leaks - As heat builds in a neglected cooling system, the coolant starts to boil more vigorously and can actually blast holes in your water pump or promote seal failure. The result is loss of coolant and ultimately vehicle breakdown.

Warranty Information

Limited United States Warrenty (more warrenty's available upon request) Seller warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase. If the Buyer discovers a manufacturing defect in the product, the Seller will, at its option, repair or replace the product at no charge to the Buyer. To qualify for warranty repair or replacement you must comply with the following: 1. You must return the product during the warranty period to the Seller with transportation and insurance charges prepaid. 2. When returning the product, attach your name, address, work day telephone number, a description of the problem and a copy of the bill of sale bearing the serial number of the returned product for proof of the date of original retail purchase. 3. Pack the product properly (preferably in its original carton) to prevent damage in transit. You may choose to insure it, but this is not required. The repaired or replaced product will be returned to you at our expense. The warranty term on any product which has been repaired or replaced under this warranty shall be the remainder of the warranty as extended by the number of days that the product was out of your hands for repair. Should Seller determine that the product is not defective, is not covered by the warranty or is outside the warranty term, Seller shall return the product to you at your expense without being repaired or replaced. This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident, abuse, external causes or events, misuse, improper installation, neglect or misapplication, has been altered or modified without the written permission of Seller, has been serviced by a non-authorized repair center of Seller, has not been properly maintained or operated according to the operating manual; has been used for noncommercial purposes; or if the serial number has been removed or defaced. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THAT SET FORTH ABOVE. NEITHER SELLER NOR ITS AFFILIATES ARE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, INCONVENIENCE OR DAMAGE, WHETHER S P E C I A L , D I R E C T, I N C I D E N T A L , CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHERWISE, AND WHETHER KNOWN OR SHOULD HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO SELLER, INCLUDING LOST PROFITS, GOODWILL, DAMAGE TO OR REPLACEMENT OF OTHER EQUIPMENT AND PROPERTY AND PERSONAL I N J U R Y RESULTING FROM A N Y B R E A C H O F WARRANTY, THE INABILITY TO USE THE PRODUCT OR UNDER ANY LEGAL THEORY IN CONTRACT OR TORT. THESE WARRANTIES AND REMEDIES ARE THE SOLE A N D EXCLUSIVE WARRANTIES AND REMEDIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE SALE AND USE OF THE PRODUCT. NO OTHER WARRANTIES, ORAL OR WRITTEN, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, A R E G I V E N . S E L L E R ' S L I A B I L I T Y WHATSOEVER SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE ACTUAL PURCHASE PRICE PAID FOR THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.



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    Great for farm tractors,heavy equipent and diesel trucks.

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2012

    Awsome machine for any large industrial diesel or gasoline engine that obstracts coolant and flushes entire system.